TriggerTrap DSLR Remote System

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A while back I was in the market for a cable release capable of doing exposure ramping for time-lapse projects, during that search I found a little device called "Triggertrap" I'm not totally sure how I stumbled across it but this little cable turns your smartphone into a full featured remote for your DSLR and at a cost of only about 30$.


Once you order the correct kit for your camera model, all you have to do is download the free Triggertrap app, attach the cable to your phone and then to your camera then you're ready to shoot.

The Triggertrap system is very affordable and it works with over 300 different cameras, the best part is, that if you get a different camera, all you need is a different adapter cable for the new camera. The Triggertrap system comes in two parts, the main portion that connects to your phone and a camera specific adapter to attach the cable to your camera. Rather than needing a different remote for each camera you can just buy one trigger trap and get the corresponding cable to match.


The complete system cost about 30$ and additional adapters run about 11.00 shipped.

Visit the Triggertrap website for more information.

Some of the features offered by this cool little tool, almost verbatim from straight from the application.

Cable Release Modes

  • Basic Cable Release- tap the button to take a photo
  • Quick Release- Release the button to take a photo
  • Press and Hold- Touch to start, release to stop
  • Press and Lock- Touch to start, touch again to stop
  • Timed Release- Set a shutter speed and hit just tap the button, the exposure ends after the selected duration.
  • Self Timer- select a countdown duration. 3....2....1...     

Timelapse Modes

  • Timelapse- Basic intervalometer
  • Timewarp- Timelapse with adjustable speed
  • Distancelapse- Take photos by distance traveled.
  • Star Trails- Timer for taking star trails- set exposure time, number of exposures, and time between exposures.
  • Bramping- Bulb ramping mode allowing the exposure to gradually change for shooting timelapses at sunrise or sunset.

Sensor Modes

  • Sound Sensor-
  • Vibration Sensor- shoots on vibrations
  • Motion Sensor- shoots on movement
  • Peekaboo- Facial recognition     

HDR Modes

  • LE HDR - Long Exposure HDRs
  • LE HDR Timelapses- Allowing you to create HDR Timelapses.

Remote Modes

  • WIFI Trigger


  • ND Calculator- calculates exposure times when using ND filters.
  • Solar Calculator- provides sunrise and sunset times.  


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